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Mount Athos

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Mount Athos
The monachism of Mount Athos comes to history in 963 A.D. and passed through a great period of acme from the 10th till the 16th century, when the number of the monks was between 5000 and 10000. Today, the Holy Community in Karyes and the 20 monasteries continue the same Orthodox monastic tradition of Mount Athos.

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The 20 monasteries of Mount Athos in a hierarchical sequence. The contact phone numbers are:

•  Monastery of Megisti Lavra
•  Monastery of Vatopedi
•  Monastery of Iviron
•  Monastery of Hilandari
•  Monastery of Dionisos
•  Monastery of Koutloumousi
•  Monastery of Pantokratora
•  Monastery of Ksiropotamos
•  Monastery of Zografos
•  Monastery of Dohiario
•  Monastery of Karakalo
•  Monastery of Filotheou
•  Monastery of Simonos Petras
•  Monastery of St. Pavlou
•  Monastery of Stavronikita
•  Monastery of Ksenofontos
•  Monastery of Grigoriou
•  Monastery of Esfigmenou
•  Monastery of St. Panteleimonos
•  Monastery of Konstamonitou

Apart from the monasteries, Mount Athos also has Sketes, Cells, huts and hermitages.

•  Skete of St. Anna
•  Skete of St. Triada
•  Skete of Theotokou
•  St. Dimitriou (Lakou)
•  St. Dimitriou (Vatopediou)
•  Timiou Prodromou (Lavreotiki)
•  Timiou Prodromou (Iviron)
•  St. Andrea
•  St. Panteleimonos
•  Koimiseos Theotokou
•  Huts Daniileon
•  Katounakia
•  Profitis Ilias
•  Huts St. Pavlou
•  Karoulia

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