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From Ierissos the visitors take the caique that gets them to the left side of the Saint Mountain.
From there they can visit the abbeys: Hilandriou, Esfigmenou, Vatopediou, Pantokratoros, Stavronikita, Iviron, Biggest Lavras. For the other abbeys they will have to go down to the abbey Iviron (3 hours with the caique ), from there go to Karyes (half an hour with the bus) and from there to the abbeys that they wish.
The itinerary of Ierissos exists only in the summertime.
From Ouranoupoli sets off another small ship that goes to the right side and makes a stop in the abbeys: Dohiariou, Xenofondas, Panteleimonas, Grigorios, Dionisos, Saint Pavlos.
For the other abbeys the visitors will have to get down to the harbour of Dafni (2 hours with the ship) and from there to Karyes (half an hour with the bus).

The transportability in the Saint Mountain of course, is not sufficient.
So, apart from the ships and buses, whoever wants can engage a car in order to take him to his destination.
In any case, the visitors should be prepared for enough walking.

In order to get to know the Saint Mountain, you will have to visit it many times.
You can walk in its paths, hear the bells, the psalmodies, the secret voices of centuries, go to the big abbeys, but also to the sketes, hermitages, and huts.
You can watch the mattins and vesperals, eat in its lunchroom, gaze from the highest point and from its balconies the infiniteness of the sky and the storks. You can discuss with long-aged, wise men, saints and young educated monks, that have rejected mundane life. You can get into the libraries and the sacrariums and get to know their treasures. Enjoy the nature, the sunrise and the sundown. Open your heart in front of the icons of Virgin Mary and experience in this eternal live ark, Orthodoxyů

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