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Mount Athos

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History of Chalkidiki
The first controlled fire lit in Chalkidiki about 700.000 years before. In the 8th century it was colonized by the Chalkidaians and Eretrieis. In history it is recorded to the Persian Wars, the Athenian Alliance, at the years of Macedonians, Romans, of the Byzantium and until our days.

•  Geography
•  Mythology
•  The ancient Stagira
•  The ancient Olinthos
•  Potidaia
•  Akanthos
•  The Sanctuary at Nea Roda

Natural Beauties
Chalkidiki is a peninsula in the center of Macedonia. The main Peninsula of Chalkidiki leads to three smaller ones: Kassandra, Sithonia and the peninsula of Athos.

Visit ...
•  Poligiros
•  Kassandra
•  Sithonia
•  Northern Chalkidiki
•  NE Chalkidiki
•  Map of Chalkidiki

Mount Athos
The Eastern of the three peninsulas of Chalkidiki accommodates the unique in the world living monument of spiritual meditation and a historical succession of Christianism and Orthodoxy.The 20 Holy Monasteries, 12 Sketes and 450 Cells consist the guardians of history, of tradition and of a unique heritage.

•  The Avaton
•  The monastic life
•  Architecture
•  Transport
•  Map of Athos

Chalkidiki - A holidays heaven
Deep green and blue and endless sandy beaches is a unique combination of the Aegean Sea.
People and tradition
Hardworking people, vinedressers, apiarists, fishermen that love their land. Highland villages and villages by the sea give life to this place.
Sports at Chalkidiki
Diving, Sailing, Wind Surfing, Fishing, Golf, Hiking, Tennis, Volley, Beach Volley, Basketball, Football e.t.c
Modern Chalkidiki
Excellent hotel infrastructure, luxury and convenience, casino, marinas, spa, trade centers, congress halls.
Traditional products
Olive trees, apiculture, textiles, traditional hagiographies, viniculture.