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Pieria, the land of the nine Muses and the Olympian Gods is between Olympus and the Mountains of Pieria in the west, and the coasts of Thermaikos Gulf in the east. Dense forests with platens and firs cover Olympus. The region of southern Pieria is a unique combination of mountain and sea. Flat seashores give the region a unique character. Dense forests with chestnuts and laurels go down to the beach.

Pieria is full of monuments and holy places. Between dense vegetation and almost 5 kilometres from the coasts of Pieria, is the ancient city Dion. There took place the most critical battle of antiquity between Greeks and Romans. On 22 June 168 B.C, the defeat of the Macedonian army from the Romans meant the beginning of the Roman possession in Greece. Dion was the holy city of Macedonians and had taken its name from Dia, the father of Olympian gods.

Pieria is not famous only for its natural beauties and its monuments. It combines a rich intellectual and cultural activity giving the visitor the privilege to live unforgetable experiences in the ground of gods. The International Olympus Festival, accommodates in the ancient Theatre of Dion and in the Castle of Platamonas the most appreciable theatrical and musical schemas from Greece and abroad. Thousands of spectators watch the resurgence of the Greek spirit and theatrical speech in a really imposing ancient theatre. Also, remarkable cultural events are the International Folklor Week with the attendance of traditional groups from all over the world, various popular concerts, representations of modern theatre and figurative reports. All these events supplement the cultural activity of Pieria covering the interests of even the most demanding visitor.

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