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The Castle 

The Castle

The castle gave the name to the settlement, which is extended from the beach to the interior. The initial physiognomy of the castle has been degraded, but it maintains its medieval atmosphere and its specific residential character. It has 819 residents. Its sights are: Arches, a big gate and certain houses constitute the residues of the medieval castle, that was continuously lived from the 15th until the 19th century. Initially there was a big and bulky tower round which were added successive series of houses, that were separated by narrow passages. From the big tower only the base is saved. In the south-eastern side is found the famous cavern at the hill of Saint Ioannis in an altitude of 350 m. Impressive stalagmites adorn its rooms, while one of them distinguishes for its dimensions. Its height is 8 m. and is named "Saint Trapeza" . In various parts of the cavern are also other signs, many of which are slightly distinguished. In the entry of the cavern is the graphic church of Saint Ioannis built in the 18th century.

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