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Ancient Years 315 B.C. 

Ancient Years 315 B.C.

From archaeological excavations that have been made occasionally, it comes up that the wider area of Thessalonica had been lived at least 5.000 years before (3.000 B.C). Discoveries of human settlements were found on artificial hills that surround Thessalonica. Other official archaeological discoveries show that in the same region existed settlements from the Era of Iron (1.000 B.C.) and in particular they continued to exist up to the 5th and 4th B.C. century. Thus, in the natural harbour of Thermaikos, there early appeared an intense built-up activity with the creation of many small cities , between which the main was Thermi. This built-up activity coincides with the growth of the Macedonians' dynasty, that from the mountains of Macedonia and the plains round the rivers (Upper) Aliakmona, Axio and Erigona, were promoted to the coastline of Thermaikos, especially in the years of the king of Macedonia Aminta A' (520-500 B.C.). Previously and from the 7th B.C. century, in the area of Macedonia and particularly in Chalkidiki and in the Thermaikos, there had been created a series of cities-colonies from the Greeks of the south, mainly from the cities of Chalkida, Eretria, Corinthos and Athens.

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Αρχαία Χρόνια 315 Π.Χ.

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