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Museum of the church of Saint Dimitrios  
Church of Saint Dimitrios
History and art museum of Thessalonika, White Tower  
White Tower.
History Center of Thessalonika  
Mansion Billy, Square Ipodromiou.
Cultural center of North Greece  
Vas.Olgas 108.
Demotic picture gallery of Thessalonika  
Vas.Olgas 162.
Picture gallery of Macedonian Studies association  
Nikolaou Germanou 1.
Macedonian Museum of Modern art  
Permanent collection: 5th km. of the Agriculture School Filkeram-Johnson, Area of periodic exhibitions: Helexpo-Egnadias 154.
Musical Museum of Macedonia  
Al. Svolou 10.
Museum of Design  
Mytropoleos 43.
Museum of Prehistoric Antiquities of Thessalonika  
Former camp Kodra,Kalamaria.
Historical Record of Macedonia  
Papanastasiou 21.
Hebraic Museum of Thessalonika 
Saint Mina 13.
Museum of Historical Course of Hebraism of Thessalonika  
Vas. Irakleiou 26.
Cultural Foundation of Greek Dispersion 
Komotinis 2.
Telogleio Constitution,Aristotelio University of Thessalonika  
Aristotelio University of Thessalonika.
"Art", Macedonian Artistic Company 
Building " ...."
Museum of Ancient,Byzantine and Postbyzantine Musical instruments  
Katouni 12-14.
Cinema Museum of Thessalonika 
Andreou Georgiou 44.
Photography Museum of Thessalonika  
Andreou Georgiou 44.
Water supply Museum of Thessalonika 
26th Oktovriou 49.
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